Levon Chilingirian is Armenian and in this 10 song project, evocative songs are performed combined with family archive photographs, images and recounted histories

In February 2015, the Chilingirian Quartet recorded 10 Armenian songs notated for posterity by Komitas before 1915 and arranged for string quartet by Sarkis Aslamazian. Poignant and lyrical, the songs are around 3 minutes in length. Each video performance has rare archive family photos together with historic images.

We are releasing these short films one every 3 days up until the official commemoration of the Armenian Genocide on 24th April 2015. The first song appears here on Tuesday 24th March 2015. We will also be providing some historical background on specific photographs.

In July this year, Levon and some members of the Chilingirian Quartet will play 2 songs from Komitas at Iona Abbey, Scotland, as part of the Mendelssohn on Mull Festival, to mark the centenary of 1915. It should be a very moving and spiritual occasion in this centre of Christianity on the west coast of Scotland.

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10 Songs to commemorate the Armenian Genocide.
A multimedia project created by filmmaker Kevin Laitak

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Centenary Armenian Genocide 2015 10 Songs by Komitas performed by the Chilingirian Quartet

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