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The Quartet maintains a keen balance between its performance and teaching activities. Its residencies have included:

Royal College of Music (1988 to present)
West Dean College (1983 to present)
Lake District Summer Music Festival (1984 to present)
Liverpool University (1973 – 1976)
Norway Chamber Music Association (1984 – 1996)
Sussex University (1985 – 1993)


As Quartet in Residence at the Royal College of Music, the Chilingirian provides the vital dimension of chamber music to the training of outstanding young performers from all corners of the globe. Through its regular coaching sessions, lecture demonstrations and concerts, the Chilingirian has been instrumental in the formation of some of the world’s most sought-after ensembles, such as the Belcea Quartet, and has nurtured individuals who have gone on to very important roles in ensembles of international standing, such as Edward Dusinberre of the Takacs Quartet.

In February 2009, the Quartet inaugurated its own Fest dedicated to Haydn, giving high-profile performance opportunities to advanced students alongside lectures, concerts, and masterclasses given by distinguished musicians and colleagues.


West Dean is the stunning estate in rural Sussex where the Quartet course takes place every summer. It provides an opportunity for students to take part in concentrated study and daily coaching sessions with members of the Chilingirian Quartet. Ensembles are based in magnificent rooms in the main house, and take masterclasses followed by showcase concerts at the end of the week. Many young groups have used the course as a final preparation for important international competitions and concert engagements. The Chilingirian also gives its own concerts to packed and enthusiastic audiences during the week.


For over twenty-five years, the Quartet has been central to the development of the Lake District Summer Music Festival as an internationally recognized festival in one of England’s most beautiful areas. The Quartet performs with other resident artists, such as Steven Doane, Colin Carr, and Arnaldo Cohen, and teaches chamber music to students who gather from around the world.

Recently the Chilingirian has also led and directed performances of large-scale chamber works such as Schoenberg’s Verklarte Nacht, joined by student quartets and faculty colleagues.


The Chilingirian Quartet has established an exciting connection with Venezuela’s “El Sistema,” world-famous for its Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra. The Quartet has been asked to further the chamber music education of the group’s highly talented young players by visiting Caracas to teach and perform with the older players who will pass on their experiences to their younger colleagues. Ensembles from “El Sistema” have been invited to the Quartet’s prestigious summer course at West Dean in England.

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music appreciation day Bartok and Beethoven with Chilingirian Quartet April 2016Music Appreciation day with the Chilingirian Quartet: Bartók & Beethoven 23rd April 2016

“Daring and virtuosic music”, Levon Chilingirian

A day suitable for all levels includes, tea, lunch, discussion, audience Q&A and performances by Levon Chilingirian, Ronald Birks, Susie Mészáros & Stephen Orton. In the beautiful West Sussex countryside at West Dean [tw-button size=”medium” background=”” color=”green” target=”_self” link=””]More details[/tw-button]

Chilingirian Quartet Mozart Beethoven music appreciation day 22 May 2016Music Appreciation Day: Mozart & Beethoven 22 May 2016


” Now that is a great piece!”, said Beethoven when a visitor noticed that he had copied out the entire Finale of Mozart’s A Major Quartet in one of his sketchbooks

Join the Chilingirian Quartet for an enlightening study of Mozart K464 and Beethoven Op 18 No 5 Quartets, illustrating the touching tribute Beethoven paid to Mozart’s most daring quartet. Informal performances will complete the day.

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