“The best came in the Chilingirian Quartet’s Mozart K464 and Beethoven Opus 132 quartets – a harmony of voices, talents, and temperaments.”
– The Financial Times

“Those indispensable pillars of British musical life, the Chilingirian Quartet.”
– The Times

“This is the playing of an expert ensemble, and it is refreshing in its skill, fluency and energy.”
– Gramophone

“From the superbly turned opening phrases there was no doubt of the total dedication to their art nor of the rich accomplishment of their playing…new beauties and subtleties were constantly being revealed, at times inspired…performances that will linger long in the memory.”
– London Daily Telegraph

“The Chilingirian standard is the one by which to judge others.”
– The Australian

“Magnificent…flexible in tone, shining in intonation and with a sensibility for genuine chamber-music cantabile. An uncommonly stimulating, gratifying event.”
– Die Presse, Vienna

“…their matching of intonation and ensemble are as refined as anything I have heard on record.”
– The Guardian, London

“One rarely hears Haydn played with such bright, relaxed stylishness…the interpretation exhibited the full measure of drive and harmonic inventiveness.”
– The Los Angeles Times

“Quartet from London: World class from the first stroke.”
– Basler Zeitung, Switzerland

“Magnificent chamber music.”
– De Telegraaf, Amsterdam

“The performances by the Chilingirian Quartet are masterly.”
– The Guardian, London

“The Chilingirian String Quartet, the sensational British ensemble, has been known to provoke whoops and cheers out of ordinarily staid audiences.”
– The Toronto Star

“One of the great string quartets of our day.”
– The Boston Globe

“At every turn one heard uncanny refinements of detail, with good taste, elegance…an ensemble of world stature.”
– The Boston Globe

“”Every phrase, every blend, every balance in the chording all had the liveliness and excitement that one wanted to cry and cheer…displayed the total proportion of this glorious quartet while delighting one with the joy and perfect placing of every detail…truly the Chilingirians are one of the great quartets.”
– The Irish Times

“This is a remarkably poised, mature foursome that produces a transparent balanced sound and carefully worked-out interpretations.”
– The New York Times

The memory of their divinely inspired playing will lighten our daily lives for a long time to come.”
– Svenska Dagblad, Stockholm

“Chilingirian is a name which, once memorized, is not easily forgotten. Nor, once heard, is the excellent playing of the Chilingirian Quartet.”
– Sydney Morning Herald

“Their style of playing is spontaneous and warmhearted, sometimes exploding into an unbridled urge to play, which especially in Bartok, swept all before.”
– De Telegraaf, Amsterdam

“The Chilingirian Quartet’s interpretation was – from beginning to end – remarkable, both for its accuracy and its commitment and the musical quality of the four interpreters.”
– Vevey-Hebdo

“First violinist Levon Chilingirian is a very impulsive artist, who gives the quartet its colourful energy and excitement. The quartet’s other members often act as a balancing and calming counterforce to its first violinist. Each member has, however, his/her own individual chamber music sound which essentially builds up the quartet’s rich expressive feeling.”
– Helsingin Sanomat

“Few can achieve the musical maturity and compelling expression of the Chilingirian Quartet. The group members work in true harmony with each other, concentrating solely on the needs of the music itself. The music is thus pure, fresh and honest, free of all mannerisms and excessive details.”
– Aamulehti, Finland

“As part of its annual North American tour, the London-based Chilingirian String Quartet performed with rhythmic precision and remarkable dynamic control at the Library of Congress’s Auditorium on Tuesday evening…Dvorak’s String Quartet in G Op 106, was a breath of fresh air, expertly molded by all four instrumentalists.”
– The Washington Post

“…played superbly…ensemble admirably passes quartet checkpoints of balance, intonation and blend of individual voices…played with control, tonal warmth and subtle dynamic coloration. One rarely hears Haydn played with such bright, relaxed stylishness…exquisite tender moments…extraordinary delicacy…the Chilingirian has virtuosity to spare.”
– Los Angeles Times

“The concert that launched the Cycle Series’ survey of Brahms’ and Bartok’s string quartets was top-drawer…Bartok’s First Quartet was treated to wonderfully buttery playing…the Chilingirian’s reading of this work, amazingly fresh and original despite its relatively advanced age, was as tonally opulent as it was bold.”
– The Houston Post

“Peter Fribbins’ String Quartet No. 2…is highly individual in style and tone, the first two paired movements are splendidly new in feeling…the invention of the details never flags and there are so many alluring moments to be savoured.”
– Michael Frith

“The highlight of the night for this listener was the Bartok String Quartet No.4…the Chilingirian Quartet flung itself through this craggy kaleidoscope in a manner that engaged many…The Chilis are technically very good, with a modern, tight, well-focused vibrato that is never sloppy.”
– The Ann Arbor News